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Individual mapping of business processes in SAP

KPSC GmbH offers you a completely integrated software platform in your SAP system for the automatic collection and enrichment of transaction-related data, for example

  • Invoice processing
  • Sales orders
  • Procurement
  • Delivery note processing
  • Travel expenses
  • Returns
  • the creation of master data on business partners and suppliers
  • Order processing.

Our platform is easily and individually configurable, can be used internationally and for any industry. Our global sales partners speak your language.


KPSC GmbH offers you a platform, which is fully integrated in the SAP system for the automatic processing and enhancement of transaction-relevant data for further document-specific processing and individual process configuration. Business processes, such as invoice processing, sales orders, procurement, delivery note processing, travel expenses, returns or the creation of master data to the business partners and suppliers may in this way be mapped in the SAP system in a very short time.

We are everywhere, where our customers are. Our flexible solutions are used all across the world and may be implemented in all industrial fields. And our global sales partners speak your language.