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_complete SAP integration
_individually adaptable



We always offer the appropriate modules, from data import through validation and processing to the fully automatic document entry, including the generation of e-documents. You decide on the types of modules required for your processes.


Our customers define the field of use. KPSC products enable you to quickly and efficiently process purchasing orders, returns, invoices, customer orders or travel expense claims within SAP, regardless of your field of activity, even if your customers and business partners do not use SAP. If needed, mobile access via our intuitively operating App is possible.


Our intelligent solutions are characterized by their process-oriented approach and can therefore be integrated into all SAP business processes in an optimized way.


Classifier is the core of our customer solutions.
The Classifier is a completely SAP-integrated platform for the fully automatic capture and enhancement of activity-relevant data, in order to further process such with reference to a specific document. For further process-controlled data processing, the KPSC Classifier includes a workflow module, which can be configured depending on the document type and company code.
Using the Classifier, you can for example display the process from the purchase requirement to the order release and goods receiving entry, including the entry, approval and booking of the invoice in keeping with your company-specific organization.

Using the Classifier, the following processes can be managed among others and the associated documents generated automatically:

  • Purchase requirements
  • Orders
  • Delivery notes
  • Returns
  • Invoices with reference to a purchase order (MM)
  • Invoices without reference to a purchase order (FI)
  • Generation of master data to business partners/suppliers
  • Customer orders• Travel expense claims
  • The Classifier allows validating and complementing activity-related data from OCR solutions and verifying electronically generated supplier or customer data again. The generation of SAP documents can be performed either automatically or manually.
  • The CLS WEB applications and the mobile Classifier APP, as well as the SAP GUI standard are available for data access from the local workstation.

classifier web

Documents, such as for example purchase orders, invoices or customer orders are processed in many companies in a mobile way or by changing employees with or without SAP access rights.

ocr server

KPSC solutions include a high-performing document identification system for the further automatic processing of the incoming invoices and other documents scanned into your system.

Mail Fetcher

KPSC Mail Fetcher allows for the fully automatic selection, preparation and further processing of all electronic documents and datasets received via e-mail systems.


This module is used to generate electronic invoice datasets in ZugFeRD format.

erp connector

The KPSC ERP Connector cares for the trouble-free transfer of various input data to different ERP systems.

Data Collector

The KPSC Data Collector supports you with the background validation of data within the OCR recognition process or the web-supported data acquisition.

capture client

KPSC Capture is our application for the efficient entry, indexing and transfer of all incoming documents for consecutive archiving.

ldap connector

With the LDAP Connector KPSC offers you the possibility to enter network users to the Classifier and to forward the user IDs to the Classifier in the central SAP system each time the system is accessed.